Welcome to the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition (PABAC) Website. The Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition seeks more choices for all of us on Election Day.


Current Pennsylvania law makes it difficult for independent and minor party candidates to appear on the ballot — much more difficult than in most other states. The result is less political competition, less political dialog, and fewer choices like can bet voted in November. The current system is simply not fair and does a great disservice to the ideal of democracy and to the voters.



In 2012, the signature requirement for independent and minor party candidates was nearly 20,000. As compared to the major party candidates who need only 2,000 signatures. This is an appalling 10 times as many signatures! However, it is not as poor as has been the case in Pennsylvania. For example, in 2006, independent and minor party candidates were required to collect over 67,000 valid signatures simply to get on the state-wide ballot in Pennsylvania on Election Day. Legally, Democratic and Republican candidates require no signatures to get on the state-wide ballot, and even the 2,000 signatures required for the Primary Day ballot are ridiculously smaller than the virtually impossible hurdle of 67,000.

Pennsylvania law needs to be changed by the State Legislature to lower the outrageous signature requirements. State Senator Mike Folmer has introduced the Voters’ Choice Act which would bring about a fairer electoral process.

Formed in January 2005, the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations devoted to building a better democracy in Pennsylvani from Although the coalition members disagree on many issues, all agree that elections should be “free and equal” as stated in Article I, Section 5 of the PA Constitution.

Coalition members include the following parties and organizations:

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Constitution Party
Green Party
Independent Candidacy of Ralph Nader
Libertarian Party
Prohibition Party
Reform Party
Socialist Party