The VCA (Voter's Choice Act) has been re-introduced on 2-18-2015 and been assigned Senate Bill # 495.


The basic provisions of the Voters’ Choice Act are:

Minor party status is achieved with 0.05% of registered voters
Nomination process is simplified, minor parties must submit candidates 8 weeks prior to election
Signature requirements for major party and independent candidates are equal (section 912.1).

Click on the following link to see the actual bill text:

Voter’s Choice Act - SB 495

The legislation has been introduced, as it has in the past 2 sessions, by Senator Mike Folmer of Lebanon County. He is also now chair of the State Government Committee. This is the committee that will control whether a hearing is held and when it can be voted on to move to a full vote in the Senate. We are very optimistic that this legislation will finally pass this session – but it is by no means a given due to the many items on Senator Folmer’s agenda and the potential roadblocks other legislators may put in the way to get it passed.

We have been informed by State Senator Folmer's office that a Public Hearing will be scheduled within the next two months.


Our top priority, as a group, is meet with the rest of the members of the State Government Committee and seek their votes for the SB 495 to have a public hearing.
Please review the list below and, if you reside in one of the counties listed below and are willing to meet with your State Senator, please contact us at and/or 610-88-888
There e two lists below. The first being the members from more urbanized Counties.

These are the three members from the State Government Committee who represent more Rural Counties;
Joseph B. Scarnati, 3rd - Cameron, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, Potter, Tioga
Patrick J. Stefano - Fayette, Somerset, Westmoreland
Donald C. White - Armstrong, Butler, Indiana, Westmoreland ​Type your paragraph here.