Double Down the Ace Combination in Blackjack of Gambling Poker

Do you want more? Some people might think it is not enough to win because the more ways, the more chances to win and this is what people want since dealer will have more ways to fight. Here is another perfect way for you to play and win Blackjack in Poker Online such as:

  • You have to double down when you deal with Ace-7 or Ace-2 if dealer holds 5 or 6
    If the showing card of dealer is between 5 or 6, then you need to double down those two ace combinations. Why you should do it? It is because you can’t bust with ace on the hand. It is because if the total of the cards goes over 21, then ace will drop the point automatically to become 1 of the value. If dealer holds around 5 or 6, there will be the good opportunity for you to win since dealer will draw another new card from the deck and it the faced-down card is between 10 or perhaps face cards, you can win by busting the dealer.

It is not so hard to apply those ways in your Blackjack game but it will be another story if you have different situation and your position is not similar like that. It means, you need to think another way to get out from the tight situation. Remeber, dealer will not pity you at all and dealer can beat you easily because dealer is the person who always play this game with players. However, many people still get the best chance to win the game easily by luck in gambling poker and hope that you get the great value of cards because drawing the cards is not based on skill but based on luck.